The 5 Best Online Divorce Services for DIY Divorce

Couples that choose a traditional approach to the dissolution of their marriage spend much more money than they expect to in the long run. Apart from having to pay for legal assistance and cover court-related expenses, couples forget to take into account the missed working hours, childcare costs, and transport costs, not to mention the parking fees! In the end, this process doesn’t come cheap at all.

Those who cannot afford or simply don’t want to throw their money down the drain, look for the options to have the cheapest divorce online. If you and your spouse are willing to collaborate, you are luckier than most people because, in this case, you can file for divorce with the help of an online service. As you are on this page, it means that you have made a smart decision and want to review the top online divorce sites before settling on one. And we are here to make sure you are armed with all the information you need to do so. Without further ado, here are best online divorce service reviews for your consideration.

Pro and Cons of Divorce Services - Copmarasing Table

Company Divorce Cost Pros Cons Rating
Unlimited Changes at No Additional Cost
Couples Involved in Contested Cases Cannot Be Helped Here
4.8 ✪
24/7 Customer Support
Outdated User-Interface, No Legal Backing
3.9 ✪
Fast Paper Preparation Service
Customers Have to Buy a Subscription Plan
4.2 ✪
Offers a Number of Optional Services
Don’t Provide 24/7 Customer Support Service
4.4 ✪
Offers Private Judge Services
Don’t Work With Contested Cases
4.6 ✪

Online Divorcer Review

This website employs a highly-experienced team of professionals who are eager to help those looking for the best online divorce experience on the Web. As in most companies on the market, the stuff works only with those couples that agree on all the aspects of their marriage dissolution. They allow their customers to get their divorce docs in less than half an hour by completing a short questionnaire, which is of great convenience and has granted onlinedivorcer.com reviews that can only be described as stellar.

Even though this company doesn’t offer legal assistance, it provides comprehensive information about divorce in different states so that all customers can get a better understanding of the aspects of their cases, no matter where they live. Additionally, there are three customer support channels (phone, email, and chat) through which clients can have their questions answered 24/7. Therefore, the company has often been described as the best online divorce site to work with in terms of assistance provided to its customers. Their website is also pretty user-friendly, which only makes such feedback more believable.

The services offered by onlinedivorcer cost $139. They have neither hidden nor additional fees. Therefore, this service is a number one choice for those who are on a budget, as many onlinedivorcer reviews say. This team of professionals has helped more than 10,500 couples, and their success rate is impressive – 99,3%.



3 Step Divorce Review

This famous company has been on the market since 1997. Over the many years, more than 60 thousand divorcing couples have used their service, and dozens of 3 step divorce reviews have been posted. Every person signing up on the website is asked to answer a few straightforward questions about their finances, assets, debt, children, etc. right off the bat. Once the answers are given, the system auto-fills them into divorce forms that can be later printed out and signed by the client.

There are many 3 step divorce customer reviews on the web, and all of them say that the entire paper prep process doesn’t take longer than an hour. Since they are not responsible for filing your documents, you will have to submit them with the court yourself. If you are on a budget and cannot afford to pay for the service at the moment, you will be allowed to split your payment into several transactions that are supposed to be made within the next few months.



Complete Case Review

Like most similar websites, this one works only with those who qualify for applying for divorce online, meaning that the couple should agree to having an uncontested divorce. After customers sign up and provide their answers to a series of simple questions, they get filled out forms that are ready to be printed out and signed.

You can either get a basic package for $299 or pay twice as much for a VIP one. Along with the complete divorce packet, you can also get another party’s signature and filing services for an additional fee, which is quite useful for people who do not want their divorce to be entirely DIY.

In most completecase divorce reviews, it is said that customers can access their accounts only for one month. In order to extend their subscription plans, clients have to pay additionally. We have checked this information, and here is what we want to include in our completecase.com review: you can either pay $19 every month to extend your subscription plan or buy a 3-, 6-, and 12-month extension for $37, $79, and $148 respectively.



My Divorce Papers Review

It is another popular website, where divorcing couples can start untying their knot. When you land on mydivorcepapers.com, you are not required to pay a single dollar until your packet is complete, meaning that you can sign up and start using the system at no cost at all. If for some reason, you don’t feel like continuing on any interim stage of the prep process, you can quit the site without any financial consequences.

Moving on with the mydivorcepapers review, it’s important to mention that marriage dissolution is not the only thing offered by the service. After you create your profile, you will have to get to choose whether you want to separate, get divorced, or annul your marriage. Afterward, a series of questions will be asked. Be ready to provide basic info about your family, financial situation, etc.

Once the packet is prepared, you are supposed to file and serve it yourself, or you can buy an extra to get it done. If you have any questions, you can contact the company at any time from 8 am till 5 pm, five days a week. If the court doesn’t accept your documentation, then you can count on getting your $139 back.



Wevorce Review

This is another pretty well-known company that is worth mentioning. Like most of the other websites, they help exceptionally with uncontested cases. You can contact the service by email, phone, or chat. However, you can always email them or make a call any time from 9 am till 6 pm, excluding weekends.

All divorces at Wevorce cost $3000 per couple, and they charge almost twice as much if the couple has kids. According to the company, the reason why it costs more than average is that they make sure that nothing is going to bounce back, which implies that the court will accept the documents for sure. The Wevorce pricing can be reviewed in more detail on their website. There are quite a few services covered by the costs, which are very useful for couples who want less of a DIY divorce. Unfortunately, due to the lack of Wevorce reviews on the independent websites on the web, it’s hard to say how well such extras work for customers. However, a lot of them sound very promising.



What Is the Best Online Divorce Website?

Of course, even after reading this article, you may still have this question in mind. Truth be told, it is hard to name the best online divorce website as lot depends on your personal preferences. All of the mentioned services are trustworthy companies offering ultimate solutions to those striving to prepare their documents from the comfort of their homes and end their marriage amicably. In fact, all the offers are worth their money.

Nevertheless, these five best divorce websites have their pros and cons, and before you make your choice, weigh them. For example, you may read more reviews on independent websites or visit the sites of the mentioned companies to check what more they have to offer. If you don’t want to overpay, the one with the lowest prices will be the best online divorce company for you. But if money is not a problem and you want to do as little as possible on your own, then your choice may turn to more expensive solutions. After using one of the services, don’t forget to post your divorce online reviews to help other couples having the same choice to make.