OnlineDivorcer Review










  • Easy to use
  • Success rate
  • Excellent customer support


  • No legal advice
  • Many questions

How does it work?

This website is developed specifically for divorcing couples seeking to resolve their disputes amicably instead of settling their issues in emotionally and financially draining court battles. is designed to deliver superior user experience: its user-friendly interface and simple navigation allow customers to prepare their divorce papers without any troubles.  To start and complete the prep process, customers are supposed to:

  1. Check their eligibility and sign up with com if they qualify.
  2. Answer a series of simple questions about their family, financial standing, etc.
  3. Wait until their answers are processed and their forms are auto-filled. Once the documents are prepared, customers can print them out and submit a complete divorce packet with a court-house.

The system allows users to make as many changes in their documentation as they need. All sent divorce packets are followed by detailed instructions on how to file them properly so that customers can get a full understanding of what to do next. The company provides a multi-channel customer support service so that all customers can address their questions to a support team in a way that is most convenient for them.

You can reach their support team by calling 1 424 322 2425, by sending email to, by chatting with them through a live chat, or by using a contact form on the website. If you choose the latter option, rest assured that they will respond to your request within the next 24 hours.

What do they offer?

Onlinedivorcer is a great helper when it comes to preparing documentation for the dissolution of marriage. They work only with uncontested cases and are willing to help couples with and without kids. If a couple cannot resolve their disputes on their own, they would recommend it to use mediation first and only then think about signing up with the website.

Onlinedivorcer ensures that:

  • All forms are up-to-date and court-approved;
  • The instructions for filing documents are correct and easy-to-follow;
  • Their clients can make as many changes in their paperwork as they need until they submit it;
  • They have some of the lowest prices on the market;
  • Their customers can get professional assistance by phone, email, chat, or through a contact form 24/7.

Even though they don’t give any legal advice on the website, they provide detailed information about divorce laws in different states so that all customers can become more aware of the legal aspects of their cases in their particular states.

What does it cost?

The company informs about its pricing structure on the home page. A full packet of filled out forms costs only $139 which is one of the lowest prices on the market. If there are children involved or you need to make some changes in your documentation, the price remains unchanged, meaning that they charge a flat fee with neither hidden nor additional costs.

However, if you forget to add children and some financial information during the interview, then you will be charged 50% of the price. You will also be charged additionally if you change more than 4 letters in the names, switch either the filing party or your state, or postpone the submission of your paperwork for more than six months.

Once the service is bought, customers have forty-five days to complete their paperwork, if this doesn’t happen, they can extend their access to all forms, questions, and guidelines only for $24.99/month. Moreover, every customer should keep in mind that this sum doesn’t include court fees so that they can budget accordingly. There are also various discounts and promotions offered on the website regularly.


They guarantee that they provide only court-approved forms; however, if they are rejected by the court, the company will either fix the problem or issue a full refund. To get your money back, proof of rejection must be produced to the company.

They also guarantee that your paperwork will be done within five business days. This is in case you provided all answers and didn’t ask for expedited document preparation. Also, note that if you leave for the court to submit your documents after 30 days from the moment they were uploaded to your account, no guarantees are provided.

OnlineDivorcer testimonials

The reviews posted on the website are mostly positive. Satisfied customers thank the company for a great opportunity to get divorced with a limited amount of money. One onlinedivorce review says that this company helps people save a lot on legal costs.

Many customers are thankful for their excellent paper prep service and appreciate the high professionalism of their customer support team that is always ready to help.

Nevertheless, not all customers are 100% satisfied with the service. As one onlinedivorce review says, it took slightly more than half an hour to do the paperwork instead of 20 minutes as it was promised.

Some customers didn’t like the idea of answering so many questions and providing so much personal information during the interview; however, everything went well and the documents were accepted.


This company has been on the market for more than 12 years. Over these years, they have prepared more than 10,500 divorce packets, and their success rate is pretty impressive – 99,3%.  What their customers like most about them is their low prices and excellent customer support service that is ready to help 24/7. All couples who are willing to have an uncontested divorce can land this website, complete a short questionnaire, and have their papers done within 5 days maximum.

One of the main cons of this company is that they don’t give legal advice. However, they give instructions on how to file documents, provide many guarantees, and offer specific discounts regularly. Overall, the company receives mostly positive feedback from their customers thanking them for their great job and honest pricing policy, and that says a lot about their high professionalism and trustworthiness.