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How does it work? gives its clients an access to all the required forms for their divorce process in one click. According to the website description, OnlineDivorce makes it possible to prepare all the paperwork easily and quickly. The service description states that it takes four steps for clients to prepare the papers: “Check If You Qualify”, “Answer Detailed Questions”, “Review Completed Forms”, and “File the Documents”.

If clients have any problems with the platform, they can ask customer support. OnlineDivorce offers two possible ways of doing that: either by phone (their phone number is 1 866 927 1400) or using the contact form shown below.

The customer support phone line is open from Monday to Friday during regular business hours (10 AM to 8 PM). The website advises customers to send their questions to their support center with the help of the provided contact form. It is the fastest and most comfortable way to get a response from an OnlineDivorce representative (clients usually get a response within twenty-four hours).

What do they offer? provides its clients with an easy 4-step process of getting divorced.  The service gives access to the necessary ready-to-file set of documents for getting a divorce. These papers are completed at the client’s own pace. Furthermore, these documents can be accessed by both spouses. According to the information on the website, this process is usually fully guided and fast. However, if clients experience any difficulties with the platform, they can get help by calling the customer support center or completing the contact form.

Clients can edit their divorce documents whenever they want since the platform offers free revisions and free name changes. They will not be charged any additional fees. Therefore, spouses can make the necessary changes anytime and from any place.

Clients do not have to wait for their documents to be prepared. While using other services, the time spent on processing a request varies and might even take several business days. OnlineDivorce offers ready-to-file forms for getting divorced. The client receives both the pack of documents and a detailed guide on how to complete the process. Of course, these instructions depend on the particular state and case. The website also states that some other services for getting and completing divorce papers might use flawed software technologies. It is rather difficult or even impossible to verify this claim since it is too vague (there are neither specific domain names nor links to them). Furthermore, the website claims that other websites are less experienced. The website states that many other services started working only a few years ago. We cannot check this information as well for the same reason. Nevertheless, it is true that has been operating in the market for years.

What does it cost?

In order to complete the documents, a one-time fee of $139 will be charged to a client’s cred it card. This fee is a flat rate and gives access to all documentation for both spouses with no additional or hidden fees. . However, it is necessary to note that the filing fee for the forms is not included in the one-time fee charged by the service. In any case, the company assures that it provides the best price on the market, which seems to be true since it is common to find the same services starting at $200-$300.

The website does offer some other additional services that might help clients to get through their divorce process. It is recommended to visit their pricing section for more information. also provides documents related to childcare, alimony, and asset division issues.


OnlineDivorce gives a one hundred percent Court Approval Guarantee, which has already become standard for all websites of this type. If the court does not accept the completed documents, promises to refund the customer’s money.

Onlinedivorce testimonials

To start with, it is useful to look at OnlineDivorce reviews posted on Some reviews state that this company provides its customers with the wrong forms and refuse to acknowledge it. Furthermore, clients indicate that customer support is inadequate since they refuse to respond to emails. In addition, if a client ends up not needing the services, the company might hesitate to refund the client’s money.

Screenshots of such reviews can be found below:


It is also possible to find positive OnlineDivorce reviews. On the same website, some reviews discuss the advantages of using  In addition, many reviews state the price of using OnlineDivorce is quite affordable and the process is quite fast.

Screenshots of such positive reviews can be found below:


There is also an OnlineDivorce review that discusses the slow process of paper submission:


Overall, the service got an average of 4 stars calculated from all eighty-eight reviews. Most of these reviews are positive. However, it is necessary to note that more than a quarter of all OnlineDivorce reviews is negative:


On the OnlineDivorce website, it is possible to find a range of different positive reviews. Most of them praise the possibility to edit information, usability, and simplicity of the process.



Although might be considered a pioneer in the online divorce industry as the platform has been operating for nineteen years and has provided its services to approximately 50,000 people across the USA, it has its pros and cons. The main advantage of this service is its price (about $139). Furthermore, the website is quite easy to use.

Still, customers should be careful regarding the forms the service provides. According to OnlineDivorce reviews, the platform might provide customers with the wrong forms or give inappropriate instructions on how to complete these forms. In addition, some clients admit that the customer support service does not work very well and the company is not willing to give a full refund in the case of the papers being rejected by the court.