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  • Considerate price
  • Easy handling
  • Professional and helpful support


  • No legal advice
  • Additional fees

How does it work?

When it comes to divorce, many people realize that they are not able to cover all the expenses it arises. Mostly for that, the DIY services are gaining more and more popularity. Mind, that you can go for online divorce services if you are ready to file for an uncontested divorce.

Another reliable way to file for divorce without a lawyer in NY is to use the trustworthy divorce platform It is easy to handle, fast on results and really useful if you file for divorce on your own. With more than nine years of reputable work behind, almost two thousand satisfied clients and up to 99,6% successfully completed cases, onlinedivorceny is worth to review and cooperate with to get a divorce with no hurdles.

To start your fruitful cooperation, you need to pass three simple steps that will take not more than half an hour of your time and you will be almost divorced already:

  • Step 1 – Qualify for divorce – by answering two simple questions covering location of your spouse and agreement of the divorce process, providing your residence, name and e-mail, you will get aware if you qualify for divorce online according to the local law and quickly pass to the main part.
  • Step 2 – Provide your case details – the major part is a questionnaire on your marriage and divorce details. The accurate and fair answers to the questions about official details on your marriage, children and pregnancy, property and debts, current home, filing party, community property, community debts, and other income sources will enable the platform specialists to compile the customized set of documents to make your online divorce fast and effective as much as possible.
  • Step 3 – Print, sign and file your forms – after your personal divorce package is created for you, you will get a notice sent on your e-mail address to download it from your account along with guidance on how to complete all the forms correctly. After that, you sign the forms and file for your uncontested divorce with qualitative assistance for you to obtain positive outcomes.

The most pleasant thing is a professional support service you are to relish in any minor case you have problems with. All you need to do is to send your request to the official e-mail box and all issues will be solved for your benefits in no time. Additionally, the chatbox window pops out when you are passing three steps to gain your divorce package so that you manage to retain an instant and professional assistance at home you need. FAQs compilation on the home page supply you with ready-made solutions to the questions and issues which may arise when filing for divorce online, so you won’t even have to wait for the answer since it is available for your disposal right now.

What do they offer?

The divorce platform onlinedivorceny is eager to provide you with the first-rate services to complete your uncontested divorce online. And this is what makes them prevail over other online services:

  • Cheap services – in case you follow all the instructions thoroughly, you are provided with the full package of documents for uncontested divorce only for $139 in 30 minutes. The price is quite considerate for online divorce in New York. More that services are provided on a high level and are expected to grant you with positive outcomes.
  • Personalized package – providing the full and correct information in the detailed questionnaire allows the website specialists create the pack of divorce documents maximum suitable for your case so that it is expected to work well on further processes.
  • Qualitative assistance – you receive your customized divorce service pack together with detailed guidance on how to fill out the forms and file them to the court so that you are expected to have no difficulties with the processes. Moreover, the platform team comprises highly-qualified online divorce specialists who are to assist you in any case either through live chat or e-mail support service.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of full package for an uncontested divorce is $139. Additionally, you need to pay for the website subscription. The monthly usage of the platform is $24.99. Yet, you can get it cheaper subscribing for three or six months with a price of $49.99 and $99.99 accordingly. You are also to relish discounts, special offers and seasonal promotions, which can be found on the official website.


The refund policies are customer-friendly and clearly listed on the website. The cases when you can or cannot gain the refund are the following:

  • No refund – you are not entitled to refund for extra services, discounts, already used subscription, 120 days after payment, change of divorce service or lawyer, the complicacy of your case.
  • 100% refund – you can gain the complete refund in case of payment mistake within 45 days after payment, rejection of forms by the court with filing the documents within 30 days after their provision and requesting for a refund within 30 days after their rejection.
  • 70% refund – you can acquire for 75% refund only if less than 25 questions of the questionnaire are answered.
  • 50% refund – you are to ask for half a sum refund if the questionnaire is completed but the forms are not prepared yet, the state updates make the form revision not possible.
  • 25% refund – the quarter of sum can be gained back if the forms are ready but are no longer needed and were not withdrawn from the website.

A refund may be obtained upon the request sent to the customer service.

OnlineDivorceNY testimonials

The numbers talk for themselves when it comes to reviews. The 9-year practice, up to two thousands of delighted customers, and 99,6% successful cases are vivid proofs of the platform efficiency. The customers are highly satisfied with the considerate price, easy handling, and professional and helpful customer support service.


Overall the onlinedivorceny review allows claiming that the platform supplies its customers with high-quality, efficient and reasonably-priced services. The website has a customer-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. The process of obtaining the customized divorce pack is clear and simple. Still, the users are recommended to go thoroughly through the Terms and reach the Support in any ambiguous case.