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  • Transparent pricing policy
  • Customer support


  • Not suitable for residents of other states
  • No legal advice

How does it work? is an online service provider that helps its customers get documents required for a dissolution of marriage in Georgia. They have all state-specific forms that divorcing people may need for their uncontested case. It is worth mentioning that they don’t work with contested cases and therefore their clients must be ready to resolve their disputes without outside help and in a peaceful manner.

As soon as their customers sign up with the website, they are required to provide information relevant to their situation by answering a few simple questions. Along with some basic info, they are supposed to provide any details on issues regarding their kids, assets, and debts that they have settled with their spouses. The provided info is used for auto-filling their papers that will then be complemented with detailed instructions on how to file them and send to the customers in full. That being said, the main idea behind using this platform is not to get the needed forms that should be filled out by hand and then submitted with the court but to save the trouble of doing paperwork by oneself making common mistakes and filing the filled out forms knowing nothing about the procedure.

If their customers face any difficulties during the paper prep process, they can easily get helped by contacting their customer support agents either by phone, live chat, or email Their customer support team is always there to provide the needed clarification for superior customer experience.

What do they offer?

On, they offer everything needed for a fast divorce. Apparently, they don’t give any legal advice; however, they claim that they review every application carefully to prepare correct papers and provide guidelines for filing them to eliminate the need for expensive legal support. All customers can rest assured that as soon as they sign up with the website, they will get:

  • A full package of court-approved divorce forms, including a petition, child custody and spousal support forms, asset and debt division docs, and other papers that may be required for particular cases;
  • Guidelines on how to submit prepared documents with the court;
  • A friendly and thoughtful customer support service that is available either by phone, live chat, or email;
  • Price transparency.

What Does It Cost?

GAOnlineDivorce helps many divorcing couples save far more than one thousand dollars on legal fees and allow them to have their paperwork prepared for an uncontested divorce only for $139. For this money, they get a full divorce packet along with detailed instructions on what to do with it next.

After the fee is paid, the clients have 45 days to complete an interview and download the prepared forms. However, if they fail to do everything in time, the system will automatically charge them unless they notify the website that they want to cancel their accounts.

A monthly membership fee is $24.99; however, customers can save by purchasing an either three-month or six-month subscription for $49.99 and $99.99 respectively. Also, if they need to make some changes in their paperwork after it has been done, they may be charged additionally. If they need to change the state where they want to file, correct their names (more than 4 letters), switch a filing party, or provide information about their children, assets, or debts, they will have to pay 50% of the initial fee.


They guarantee a 100% refund if there was any mistake in the paperwork and thereby the court didn’t accept the papers. However, to get it, it is important to inform the company about the incident immediately. Moreover, their customers can also get their money back in full if they request a refund within 45 days after the payment was done and if none of the questions was answered.

In case, there were less than twenty-five questions answered, a 70% refund may be given. If all the replies were provided, but the documents were not completed yet, then one may get back only half of the sum paid for the service. A 25% refund is granted if the entire paperwork was done, but none of the papers was downloaded whatever the reason. No return is provided for extra services, discounts, and promotions. On the site, it is said that they establish a fair pricing policy and thus have no hidden fees.

GAOnlineDivorce testimonials

We didn’t find any gaonlinedivorce review anywhere but their company’s website. The reviews that we have found are rather positive than negative. Evelyn Jimenez was thankful for a great experience. She mentioned that the company offered a quick solution to her issue so that she could have an easy, yet stress-free divorce at a low cost.



Another customer liked the way they treat their clients. She was glad that even though she needed to make some corrections in her paperwork, they didn’t charge her extra.



There was another five-star gaonlinedivorce review written with a sense of gratitude for their excellent work. Chad Patterson was very happy to have his documentation prepared quickly with no questions asked.



Overall, it is a pretty good platform to land on. It appears from reviews that this company can be trusted. Therefore, all residents of the state, who are going to untie their knot amicably and want to save a lot of cash on lawyer’s fees, can sign up with the website without any worries. The company has much to offer its customers – a transparent pricing policy, good money-back guarantee, excellent customer support, to name but a few. They have no lawyers, and this is probably their main drawback. However, in case of a mutual breakup, one can go without any legal support with ease if there is a reliable service provider like GAOnlineDivorce on their side.