OnlineDivorceCalifornia Review










  • Friendly customer support experts
  • Trustworthy service provider


  • No legal advice
  • Not suitable for residents of other states

How does it work?

On, they offer divorce paper prep services for those who are willing to get ready for a divorce process fast from the safety and comfort of their homes. The platform was developed specifically for helping divorcing people seeking to obtain an uncontested divorce without the need to pay high lawyer’s fees.

It will not take you long to sign up with the website; moreover, you will need less than half an hour to complete a short questionnaire. Once the questions are answered, you have nothing to do but to wait until a full divorce package is prepared and sent to you. Depending on your particular case, you may get your documentation within either 30 minutes or 5 business days after the paperwork is completed. Along with the papers, you will be provided with detailed guidelines on how to submit them with the court.

Overall, the company gives its customers a great opportunity to have their paperwork done in three easy steps that are all about:

  1. Checking their eligibility to see if they can benefit from the company’s services. If they can, they will be asked to sign up with the website.
  2. Completing a short interview. Once the registration process is finalized, they will get access to a series of questions regarding their kids, property, financial standing, and other issues. Having them answered is half the battle.
  3. Downloading completed forms and printing and filing them. Within 5 business days upon completion of the questionnaire, customers are notified about their paperwork being done. Once the papers are uploaded on their accounts, they can download, print, and produce them to the court-house. That’s it!

Even though they don’t have any lawyers, they do have an excellent customer support team that can be reached out either by live chat or by email ( Their highly-professional managers are always there to help those facing any difficulties while navigating and using their system.

What do they offer?

With more than 12 years of experience and a hundred percent court-approved forms, OnlineDivorceCalifornia provides divorcing couples with a set of services so that its customers can get ready for their mutual divorce fast and cheaply. Let’s see what the company offers:

  • Full divorce packets of state-specific forms required for uncontested cases;
  • Divorce forms for those with and without kids;
  • Some of the lowest prices on the market;
  • A money-back guarantee;
  • Excellent customer support services;
  • A lot of useful information about both uncontested and contested divorces in CA on their website.

On the site, they state that they take the needed measures to protect their customers’ personal information. Also, they encourage their clients to protect any info they provide by using a secure password. All customers are free to share their login info with their spouses if they want to answer the put questions together.

What Does It Cost?

On, they charge $139 for a full divorce packet. Down the road, their customers also get detailed instructions on how to file their docs, and these guidelines come at no cost at all. For this money, they also get unlimited access to the website for 45 days. Any prolongation of this usage period is subject to an additional charge: a one-, three-, and six-month subscriptions cost $24.99, $49.99, and $99.99 respectively. There is also the “Installment Plan” available for use at $100 and more. From time to time, their customers can benefit from seasonal promos and various discounts.


OnlineDivorceCalifornia guarantees that your divorce packet will be prepared maximum within 5 business days after the questions are answered and uploaded to your profile. However, if you need to make any changes in your paperwork down the line, it may take longer for them to fill out your documents.

Besides, the company offers a full refund if you have paid for the service but are no longer willing to use it (a refund can be requested within 45 days from the date the payment is done). If the court rejects your documentation because of any mistake, they will make necessary corrections; however, if you failed to provide your basic information in full and thus your forms are not approved, no refund would be granted. A 70%, 50%, and 25% refund may be granted depending on how many questions you answered, whether or not your paperwork was done, and whether or not you downloaded your papers. More information on this issue can be found in the “Refund Policy” section.

OnlineDivorceCalifornia testimonials

Going by positive reviews left on the website, it seems like this company is a trustworthy service provider. The satisfied former customers are grateful for their great services. They state that their papers were prepared in full and without any delays, and there is not any OnlineDivorceCalifornia review reporting that someone’s documents were not accepted by the court, and that is saying a lot.


If money is an issue for you and therefore you want to go without a lawyer when preparing for your uncontested divorce, then paying $139 for a full divorce packet is a pretty good option for you. For this money, you will get not only ready-to-file documentation but also a clear explanation of how to file them.

One OnlineDivorceCalifornia review says that their interview is fully guided and therefore you will have no trouble completing it. However, if you still face some difficulties at any stage of the paper prep process, friendly customer support experts are always there to help you immediately via different channels. Given the said, the service is well worth the money. However, if your couple cannot resolve your disputes peacefully and thus a contested divorce is inevitable, you will not be helped here, unfortunately.