• Good reputation
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Great refund guarantees


  • No legal advice
  • Not suitable for residents of other states

How does it work?

OnlineDivorceWA is an online divorce firm that helps divorcing couples fill out divorce forms through the use of self-guided software on their platform. They claim that everybody can use their system and get prepared for divorce without an attorney, as no specific knowledge is required. The entire preparation process includes three easy steps that are all about checking customers’ eligibility, registering an account, completing a short interview, and printing and signing the ready-to-file documents.

It normally takes less than an hour to complete the provided questionnaire; however, they say that you can answer the questions at your own pace and come back to the interview as many times as you want unless it is submitted. After you give your answers, you will be asked to wait until the paperwork is completed. Within five business days after your answers are provided, you will receive an email informing you about your paperwork being done and uploaded to your account. Everything you have to do now is to print, sign, and file the papers following simple instructions given to you along with the packet.

On the site, they offer excellent customer support that is available through a few channels: by phone +1 424 322 2425, email, and via live chat.

What do they offer?

OnlineDivorceWA is not a law firm and thus doesn’t give any legal advice. However, they have all state-specific forms and provide much useful information about divorces in the state on their website so that their customers can better understand the essence of their split and prepare for it without the need to consult with a lawyer. What they offer includes the following:

  • An easy paper prep process completed on the website;
  • All documentation needed for an amicable divorce in Washington;
  • Explanations for how to file paperwork;
  • Thoughtful customer support that can be reached out through multiple channels for better customer experience.

To benefit from the services provided, you and your spouse must agree to have an amicable divorce; otherwise, you will not be eligible to use the website.

What Does It Cost?

To get access to their accounts and our services, customers are supposed to pay $139. For this money, they get full divorce packets required for their particular cases. The website automatically charges those who need access to their accounts after the usage period of 45 days is over. To get a one-month subscription, customers should pay $24.99, while to get three- and six-month subscription plans, they have to pay $49.99 and $99.99 respectively. A handy guide for submitting the prepared documentation with the court-house comes at no cost at all. It is also worth mentioning that there are many discounts and seasonal promos on once in a while.

Customers can make necessary corrections in their paperwork until they submit it. However, not all changes can be made for free. For example, if customers need to change names (except for making typo corrections), change “no” answers to “yes” ones for questions regarding their kids, property, and debt, etc., they may be charged 50% of the initial price. More information about their pricing policy can be found in the “Terms and Conditions” section.


On, they guarantee that all customers who qualify for an uncontested divorce receive ready-to-file documents that will be approved by the court. If the papers are not accepted and customers can prove this fact, experts commit themselves to make necessary corrections or make a full refund; however, this is in case if customers provided all the needed information in full and filed the documentation within 30 days after it was done. Otherwise, neither corrects will be made no refund will be granted. A 100% refund may be also made if none of the answers was given and it has been less than 45 days since the payment date.

They also offer 70%, 50%, and 25% refunds that are granted depending on how many interview questions were answered, whether or not the forms were filled out, and whether or not the documentation was downloaded from the website. They also mention that no special offers, discounts, or promotions are subject to any refund.

OnlineDivorceWA testimonials

Going by the reviews that we have found on the Web, we can assume that most of their former customers are satisfied with their cooperation. All satisfied clients claim that the company has thoughtful customer support agents that work hard to provide timely assistance. Many are grateful for the services and state that their self-guided software is easy to use. Those who hoped to have a fast, yet cheap divorce were happy to learn about their low prices given the high quality of their services. There is also one OnlineDivorceWA review complaining that they don’t have lawyers; however, on the site, they state that they are not a law firm and thus no legal backup can be given here.


Overall, this website has a good reputation and the prices are some of the lowest on the market as one OnlineDivorceWA review says. There are also other things to benefit from, such as an easy-to-navigate website, user-friendly self-guided software, court-approved forms, great refund guarantees, friendly customer support, and so forth.

On the downside, the website covers only WA and therefore is not suitable for those residing in other states. Since the company doesn’t give any legal advice, those who need legal support have to look for it somewhere else. Given the said, those who are going to get a contested divorce will not be helped here, too.

Nevertheless, a lot of positive feedback found on the Internet is the best indication that the firm seriously approaches every case and therefore is a great choice for those who qualify for mutual divorce and want to untie their knot cheaply and without any delays.