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  • Price
  • Easy to navigate


  • Mistakes in the documentation
  • Rude support

This platform offers services related to the completion and preparation of legal forms online to help customers who have decided to divorce. The site covers three large states – New York, New Jersey and Texas. The company is a low-cost provider of divorce-related services that is aimed at guiding you through the dissolution procedure quicker than usual legal advisers.

The following letsgetdivorced review will explain whether or not this service is a reliable and secure platform for separating couples.

How does it work?

This site is based on a comprehensive and easy-to-use system. Basically, you’ll need to complete a number of steps before moving on to the final stages of the breakup procedure. The steps to getting divorced through this site include the following:

  • Answering a few questions to make sure that it’s possible to dissolve your marriage online.

This will guarantee that your circumstances allow you to split up with your partner through this platform’s services.

  • Creating a personal account and filling out the questionnaire related to your individual situation.

This will ensure that the experts at letsgetdivorced will have everything necessary to complete your paperwork correctly. You will also have to pay a service fee to cover the relevant costs.

  • Waiting until your documentation is ready and printing out the papers after you receive them.

At this stage, you’ll receive your paperwork and will be able to print it out before submitting it to the courthouse. You’ll also obtain instructions on how the filing procedure should be carried out and how to do everything without mistakes.

But if you still have any questions, it’s possible to contact the company’s customer support service by phone or email at any time. As a rule, the customer service team responds to clients’ queries within 24 hours.

What do they offer?

Letsgetdivorced.com offers various services related to the process of breakup in New York, Texas and New Jersey. In particular, they provide the following privileges:

  • Timely support with the preparation of divorce forms
  • Instructions on how to provide all the paperwork to the court
  • Help with reaching the online dissolution with or without children and with no need to use the legal advice of lawyers
  • Fast delivery of the necessary papers applicable to your divorce (which takes about 30 minutes).

As a result, the services of letsgetdivorced.com would most probably suit the needs of those couples who want to save time and money throughout the process of marriage dissolution.

What are the costs?

The company guarantees the provision of customized services to meet the needs of different clients. Their pricing policy seems to be rather cheap in contrast to other similar companies. Overall, they guarantee that they will fill out the necessary papers and provide other relevant services for as much as $99, which is a fairly low cost.

However, the court filing fees are not included so you’ll need to pay them separately.


The Letsgetdivorced experts offer various guarantees to their clients. The greatest benefit is that this company provides a money-back option to clients whose papers were not accepted by the court. However, this may only happen if the reason for denial was the inappropriate completion of paperwork by the company’s experts or other issues that were the fault of this service. In this case, you’ll get full refund from the company, as stated on their website.

However, this service insists that your papers will be filled out and prepared correctly, so the risk of refusal is reduced to a minimum. One more guarantee from this vendor is that you’ll be able to get divorced without lawyers’ help, which would be pretty much impossible if you decide to go through the standard divorce procedure.

LetsGetDivorced Testimonials

The website itself contains a great deal of feedback from previous users. Based on what we have found on their site and on other websites, it can be assumed that the majority of the existing letsgetdivorced reviews are positive and do not contain any complaints.

On the whole, most clients admit that the customer service team is good overall and offers timely help with problems. Some customers are surprised about how easy it is to use this site’s services and how cheap their pricing is.

On the downside, we’ve also found a number of negative reviews on other platforms. In contrast to what is claimed on the website, some customers complain about the quality of customer support service. Some users also admit that they didn’t receive the necessary support and the website even refused to give them a refund.

What’s more, some users say that the company makes mistakes in the documentation and the papers they provide aren’t always correct.


In general, the company has a rather good reputation on the market and their pricing policy is attractive and reasonable. Among other benefits, their site is easy to navigate and the steps that you’ll need to complete are not very difficult.

In addition, the website covers several US states – New Jersey, New York and Texas – which is rather convenient for local residents. On the downside, their services may not be suitable for those who reside in other parts of the country.

Moreover, previous users aren’t always satisfied with the quality of their customer service. Some of them say that it’s a complete waste of money while others complain about the quality of paperwork they received from the website. This is definitely a perceptible drawback, which shows that the performance of this platform isn’t perfect. On the contrary, the users’ negative reviews might be the best indication that this service doesn’t provide 100% reliable support to divorcing couples.