InstantOnlineDivorce Review










  • Easy process
  • Helpful support


  • Very expensive
  • Extra fee

This is an online divorce service provider that offers support to US residents who want to get divorced within a short period of time. Just like other similar websites, this company offers various services to live up to its mission and help its clients get divorced without too many difficulties.

The following Instantonlinedivorce review will guide you on what services are offered by this company and whether or not it’s a good choice for divorcing couples.

How does it work?

The mission of this company is to make the whole process easier for everyone who wants to split up. Simply put, they try to make sure that the breakup period doesn’t turn into a difficult time for their clients.

In general, there are several steps that you’ll have to take when using the services of this website. If you want to access a full set of services from this company, you’ll need to complete the following stages.

  1. Create a private account

The first step would be to pass the registration process to see if you are eligible for an uncontested breakup. This way, you’ll find out whether or not your circumstances allow you to file for the case online.

  1. Answer a set of questions

If you are proved eligible for uncontested divorce, the next step would be to answer a number of questions given to you by instantonlinedivorce experts and explain the specifics of your situation.

  1. Pay a service fee and wait until your papers are completed

The last stage is to print out the files after they are provided to you and follow the instructions about how to deliver the forms to the court.

As you can see, everything seems to be rather easy when it comes to navigating this site and using its services. But if you have any questions, you may ask the customer support team for assistance. provides several ways to reach out to their customer service:

  • Live chat button
  • Email
  • Phone

The support service is available to customers on business days so that clients can use one of the above methods to ask questions or clarify the details of the legal process.

What do they offer?

After you register on the website, you’ll get access to the company’s services. These usually include the following privileges available only to registered clients:

  • Completion of paperwork that is necessary for the divorce
  • Provision of instructions on how to file the forms with the court correctly
  • Ability to make changes to your documents for a period of 30 days without extra fees
  • Ability to contact the support team whenever you have any questions
  • An easy way to download the documents and the opportunity to edit the profile
  • Guaranteed refund if the court doesn’t accept your paperwork
  • Easy website navigation
  • Customized support covering all US states.

The Instantonlinedivorce platform allows its clients to make revisions without limits for the period of the subscription. This means that you can update the provided data if anything needs to be changed, and it’s free of charge.

What does it cost?

This website can’t be considered an affordable online divorce service. By purchasing the subscription to the company, you’ll be given a chance to use various services that will be available to you for a period of 30 days maximum. After that, the subscription can be extended but only if you pay an extra fee of about $19.

Compared to other divorce vendors, the pricing policy of this company can be regarded as its major drawback because their services cost as much as $299 plus the filing fees paid to the court. Although you have the opportunity to change the information in the documents free of charge throughout the period of the subscription, the price for their services is still very high in contrast to other similar vendors.


Applying for the dissolution of a marriage can be a tough time for married couples, but things can be easier if the process is carried out online. However, even in this case, you may want to have certain guarantees to ensure that your paperwork will be validated by the court. offers a number of guarantees to its clients.

The major promise of this service provider is that all your forms will be approved by the judge. And even if for some reason something goes wrong and your paperwork isn’t accepted, they offer a money-back guarantee which states you can get a 100% refund.

What does it mean? Simply put, if the website was to blame for the refusal of the court, your money will be refunded, which gives you some security.

InstantOnlineDivorce testimonials

Despite everything that this company guarantees to its customers, it’s hard to say for sure how helpful this site is for divorcing couples, simply because we couldn’t find enough testimonials from previous users. Based on what feedback can be found from real clients of this service, it seems that the majority of Instantonlinedivorce reviews are positive and most customers are satisfied with the results.

What’s more, many of the previous users say that the customer support team is friendly and helpful, as they quickly received replies to their questions and the agents were ready to help them with their problems. Other customers also mention that this site is easy to use and navigate.


Our general impression is that this website seems to be a reliable service provider that has a relatively good reputation on the market, even though the prices for their services aren’t very affordable. Judging from the positive experiences of previous users, it can be suggested that it’s a trusted company that can help you out if you want to get a divorce online.

Overall, the fact that they guarantee a full refund and have other attractive features gives us reason to state that perhaps this company is really interested in helping US couples to divorce. But on the downside, their pricing policy could be a bit more reasonable.