iDivorceForms Review










  • Easy to use
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • No clear pricelist
  • Delays in delivering

How does it work?

IDivorceForms has been doing business since 2002 to help its clients with the preparation of divorce documents. It aims at delivering the service in less than an hour to speed up the divorce process. Another aim of the business is to save customers money by cutting the costs on a lawyer, since lawyer’s help is not needed in the case of an uncontested dissolution of marriage. The staff is familiar with all types of divorce forms in the US, therefore any client across the nation can use the service.

First, potential customers need to register on the website and create an account. Once this is done, they need to make a payment with either credit or debit card for the service. After the payment is processed, clients can start completing the questionnaire. Please note that there are no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ answers to the questions, so customers should give the accurate information that describes their situation best.

When the customers finished answering the questions, they need to submit the questionnaire to the system. After the submission of the questionnaire, the divorce papers will be filled in and ready for review from 3 to 5 working days. If the service is experiencing a high workload, the customer will be contacted by the manager regarding the time the papers will be ready.

If a customer needs assistance using the website, they can contact the company by:

  • Calling 1 800 858 9891
  • Filling out the feedback form under the FAQs section (an answer will be given within the next 24 hours)
  • By using the Live Chat feature with Customer Support.

An operator from the Support Department is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm PST.

What do they offer?

IDivorceForms provides the service of preparing divorce documents online. Documents are intended for use in uncontested cases and are crafted personally by the case manager assigned to every new customer. The information in the papers is taken from the customer’s answers to the questionnaire. If any more details are needed, the case manager will contact the customer immediately.

By using their service, the customer can be sure to get:

  1. All divorce forms required by the state court
  2. Assistance with the registration and use of their personal account
  3. A simple interview tailored to tackle all aspects of divorce documents
  4. Guaranteed 100% refund.

However, the company does not provide legal assistance and advice on representation in court. The disclaimer page of the website says any customer who is in doubt whether or not to use the service should contact a lawyer to see whether it is appropriate.

What does it cost?

The services from are provided on a flat-fee basis. The cost of the document preparation service is $149 and the banner on the website says it is a limited-time offer.


To ensure customer satisfaction, the company provides a money-back guarantee. Refunds are offered in two cases:

  1. The request for a refund is submitted to Customer Support within 24 hours after the purchase was made (except for the states of Texas, California, Alabama and Florida)
  2. The papers are rejected by the court due to an error on the company’s side.

So, if the customer does not wish to use the service, the customer’s case was already started by the other party of the divorce or the customer wants to use another service, or if they live in states other than Texas, California, Alabama and Florida and have submitted a refund request within 24 hours after ordering, he or she can receive a refund.

If the documents are rejected by the court due to an error in the papers made by the company, the customer can receive a full refund if the following actions are made:

  1. The customer filed the papers to the court within 15 calendar days after receiving them from the company
  2. The customer returned the papers to the company and enclosed the rejection letter from the court.

In other cases of mistakes on the company’s behalf, they can be corrected for free.

The company does not guarantee that filing the documents it prepares will lead to the desired results. However, a customer can be sure that the papers will be accepted by the court of their choice for filing and review. testimonials

The reviews on their own website are mostly 5-star. The customers say the service was easy to understand and use. Also, they emphasize reducing the stress level of the general process of divorce due to using the company’s services.


However, there are also negative testimonials from customers. For instance, reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau website demonstrated that the company had delays in delivering the service and did not contact the client to resolve the situation:



The company has been helping with preparing divorce documents since 2002. It serves customers throughout the US and ensures customer satisfaction by offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Meanwhile there are issues in the company’s activities that need improvement:

  1. Price – The website says there is a fee of $149 for the service, however, it is unclear whether it includes children or property-related documents
  2. List of services with specific prices – The company does not have a clear pricelist with all types of papers outlined
  3. Live Chat with a Support Operator – The company’s website says there is a ‘Live Chat’ button near the phone number in the right top corner of the screen but there is no such button
  4. Delays in service delivery – Customer reviews demonstrated that the company does not always provide the service in time, which is unacceptable for a reputable company.