Divorcewriter Review










  • Easy process
  • Reasonable price


  • Outdated forms
  • Lack of court approval

How does it work?

Divorcewriter is a platform that can help you prepare all the required paperwork for getting an uncontested divorce. The website is one of the services offered by Pro Se Planning Corporation that provides different self-guided legal products. Pro Se Planning uses a standard do-it-yourself model for providing their assistance in preparing wills, divorce papers, rental agreements, and any other sorts of legal documents. Divorcewriter.com ensures that getting a divorce without lawyers is the best option for those couples who have already reached an agreement regarding their property, alimony, childcare, etc.

As with many other online divorce companies, divorcewriter emphasizes that getting a divorce on your own might save you a lot of time and money. At the same time, the company states that more and more customers prefer divorcewriter to any other online divorce websites. Initially we might presume that it is almost impossible to prove or disprove this statement. However, the company provides a number of statistically proven facts. According to such marketing analytical tools as Compete.com and SEMrush, divorcewriter got the most considerable traffic in comparison with other companies between 2011 and 2014. Furthermore, the price for the provided services is proved to be the lowest on the market. The price of using divorcewriter services is $137, while most of other sites have a higher price tag (the website mentions such websites as CompleteCase – $299, My Divorce Papers – $159, 3 Step Divorce – $299). Of course, the website mentions only websites that have higher prices. At the same time, it is possible to find online divorce companies that also provide their services at $137. However, the “About US” page draws the readers’ attention on the fact that divorcewriter was critically acclaimed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This non-profit organization accredited the company by giving it a score of “A+”, while other companies received “A” or lower ratings.

With the help of divorcewriter.com, divorcing couples can obtain the necessary forms by going through a simple three-step process. First of all, people wishing to get a divorce should check the description of all requirements to see whether they are qualified for getting an online divorce. Divorcing couples can get an online divorce if they are having an uncontested divorce. The second step is completing the online interview to provide the platform with all the key information that will be used to generate the divorce forms. The interview includes questions connected to your assets, the presence/absence of children, debts, and so forth. Finally, all that remains is downloading and printing your ready-to-sign divorce forms. You might also print filing instructions that will help you file for divorce. In addition, you can choose the option of printing and sending your forms with the help of Priority Mail.

If something happens and the client needs some help, they can phone the customer care center (800 928-7713) or find the answer using FAQs. Their help center is open 8am-4pm PDT from Monday to Friday. It is necessary to pay attention to the FAQ section. Here the customer can use an easy-to-navigate search and find all the information:

If the client needs more information about the guarantee policies, they can send an email to info@divorcewriter.com.

What do they offer?

The platform assists in preparing (mainly generating) divorce paperwork required for getting a divorce. The website provides general legal information as well as tools that are required for filing out the documents. It is important to note that DivorceWriter does not act as a lawyer; it is a tool that helps to complete divorce paperwork without much hassle. In addition, the platform contains such options as a child support calculator, parenting plans, state-specific filing instructions, and some other helpful features. Customers can access the forms and make unlimited revision during the following two years. Moreover, clients have access to the DivorceWriter blog, where they can read some useful news and articles.

What does it cost?

The price of the document preparation service is 137 USD, which is quite appropriate for the online divorce market. In fact, a great number of similar companies offer a higher price for the same services.


As with many other online divorce platforms, divorcewriter.com offers a full refund guarantee if the court does not approve the documents. In this case, the client has to provide the following information: the names of the rejected documents, the reason for the rejection, etc. Complete information about the required documents can be found on the website.

Divorcewriter testimonials

The average mark of the company on Trustpilot is “great”.

Many divorcewriter testimonials tell us that the price of the services is quite reasonable and the process itself is quite easy (for example, see the Divorcewriter review below):

However, there are some reviews indicating that divorcewriter’s services are not so good. Some clients argue that it was difficult to choose the right divorce forms for a particular state. Others state that their documents were not accepted by the court:


Divorcewriter is a part of the Pro Se Planning Corporation and provides assistance for a wide range of different legal processes, including getting a divorce. The process of getting your divorce documents completed is standard (three steps, including an interview). The website has mostly positive reviews. However, there are some testimonials that discuss the presence of outdated forms and lack of court approval.