Divorce-Online Review










  • Accurate forms
  • Easy process


  • High price
  • Inferior refund policy

How does it work?

Divorce-online.co.uk is the first company to provide online divorce service in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 1999, and from that time, nearly two hundred thousand clients received help in conducting uncontested divorce. The website says the service is entirely legal and the method of document preparation is the same as what solicitors will do.

Divorce-online claims that by using their service a customer can save £500-750 in comparison to hiring a solicitor. In order to start working with the company, a potential customer has to choose the package that suits them best and make a payment. After that, the system will send the login and password to the customer’s email. Once a customer has logged in, they need to complete the questionnaire that contains the necessary information for filling out the divorce forms. The customer will see the questions depending on the type of service they paid for earlier. Please note that all documents are filled out automatically. When they are generated, the case manager that is assigned to every customer checks them and edits if necessary. The next stage is sending the documents to the customer so they can review and sign them. After that, the case manager files the documents online and the customer is able to see how they are processed.

All of the stages mentioned above are carried out in the DivorceTrak, the system that was designed to track the process 24/7. Here the customer can see the case stages changing since the system is updating all the time, receive notifications and chat with the case manager. If any action is required from the customer, notifications are sent both via email and in the system interface. Requests to the Customer Support also can be sent from here.

The company states that customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities. In case of any questions or claims, clients can call 01793 384 029. Customer Support via email is also available at support@divorce-online.co.uk.

What do they offer?

Divorce-online.co.uk offers three types of services to meet the different needs of their potential customers:

  1. DIY Divorce

This service is tailored for those who wish to do everything on their own. It includes only document preparation for an uncontested divorce. The company works with different grounds for divorce within this type of service. If the customer needs children-related documents, they are also provided without an extra fee. The service is carried out in 24 hours.

  1. Managed Divorce

This service fits those who wish to do everything online. It includes preparation of all documents as well as online filing. It is possible to track the process 24/7. The case manager assigned to each customer not only reviews and edits the papers if needed but also reaches out the court on the customer’s behalf to submit the documents. Customer care agents can be contacted by phone and email for no additional fee. There is no need to travel to the company offices or attend court hearings if this service is chosen. The Live Chat with the Support Team is also available.

  1. Managed Divorce with Clean Break Order

This service is similar to the previous one but it also includes the settlement of all financial issues. Those who have agreed on all financial and property issues can order this service. The Clean Break feature allows all financial ties to be dissolved and guarantees that they will never be revisited.

  1. Solicitor Managed Divorce with Fixed Fees

The final option to choose from is the solicitor’s management of the entire process. Document preparation as well as contact with the court are carried out by the company’s solicitors based on a fixed price. Customers receive legal advice through email and skype at no extra cost.

What does it cost?

Each type of service has a different price. If the customer chooses the DIY Divorce, the fee for document preparation is £59. The Managed Divorce service costs £189. In case the customer wishes to order a Clean Break Order along with the Managed Divorce, the price will be £299. The solicitor’s service fee is flat-rate at £299.


Divorce-online received the “Buy with Confidence” mark from United Kingdom Trading Standards meaning the company has met certain demands regarding customer satisfaction and the level of service it provides. Basically, it means that the company does its business in a fair way and customers shouldn’t be afraid to order anything on this site as their rights are protected. United Kingdom Trading Standards is the authority that controls the activities of divorce-online.co.uk, and customer reviews are also taken into account when an audit of company is carried out.

If the customer orders the basic service (only document preparation for £59), there is a money-back guarantee of 14 days if the customer is not satisfied with the service.

Divorce-online testimonials

There are a lot of Divorce-online reviews on trustpilot.com. The company provides a link on its website. About 86% of all Trustpilot reviews are excellent; the customers noted the quality of staff guidance throughout the process and general smoothness of the divorce process:



However, there are customers who were dissatisfied with the service and the work of the company’s staff. They stated that the staff was hard to reach, the customers’ issues were not resolved as needed and important information was missing which led to the case being postponed:




Divorce-online.co.uk has been in the UK divorce business since 1999. The company provides a variety of services to meet different needs of potential customers. It also received a “Buy with Confidence” mark that confirms the business is legal.

However, there are issues in the company’s activities that might be improved:

  1. High price – the most popular service of the company costs £189, which is not affordable for everyone;
  2. Money-back guarantee – it is only stated for the cheapest service of the company, which is £ Other services do not have such a feature, which does not make Divorce-online look reliable;
  3. Customer support – according to the Divorce-online review mentioned earlier, there were cases when the worker went on holiday and did not notify the customer about it;
  4. The customers’ overall satisfaction – it can be seen from the reviews of the dissatisfied clients that the company did not put much effort into meeting their needs and wishes.