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  • Reliable service
  • Easy to use


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Price
  • Testimonials

How does it work?

Quickie-Divorce provides divorce documents preparation services to customers throughout the United Kingdom. They say 22,000 people used their service last year to conduct their divorce processes.

Www.quickie-divorce.com states that by using their service a customer can save up to £720 in comparison to hiring a solicitor to handle the case. In order to start working with the company, a potential customer has to choose the service that suits them best and make a payment (either PayPal or credit/debit card). After that, the customer will need to fill out the questionnaire so that the company can have the necessary information to complete the divorce forms. The answers that the customer inputs are immediately saved on the server, therefore they can complete the questionnaire at their own pace. The customer will see questions depending on the type of service they have paid for earlier. Keep in mind that all documents are filled out automatically. Once they are generated, the case manager assigned to every customer checks them and edits if needed. The next stage is sending the documents to the customer so that they can review them and sign. Unlike other companies, Quickie-Divorce sends the documents by mail for free.  After that, the case manager files the documents online and the customer is able to see how they are processed.

The company provides several types of customer support. Email support is available at all stages of the process and the answer is provided within 24 hours after receiving a message from the customer. Support over the phone is also available. Operators can be reached from Monday through Thursday 9 am – 9 pm, Friday 9 am – 5.30 pm and Saturday 10 am – 2 pm. Consultations are given throughout the process as well as advice on the financial matters of divorce.  In case of any changes in legal requirements or corrections to the papers, the customer is notified right away by the support team.

To get help over the phone, customers can call 0 800 803 0813, fill in the form to ask for a callback or email at enquiries@quickie-divorce.com.

What do they offer?

www.quickie-divorce.com offers three types of service to meet the different needs of their potential customers:

  1. Personalised Service

This service is offered to those who do not want to fill out the forms themselves but wish to file them personally. It includes completed forms (generated by the system and checked by the assigned case manager) as well as support regarding their usage. The customer receives the papers by email or post when they are prepared. Customer support is provided by email and over the phone.

  1. Personal Plus Service

This service includes everything stated in the previous one plus preparation of the Clean Break deal and Lifetime Will. The first document is crucial to make sure that the other spouse will not go back to the court to ask for more money and the second is to change the will if the customer does not want the other spouse to inherit their belongings after their death. Please note that Clean Break orders are checked by the company’s solicitors to make sure they are properly completed. Support is provided in the same way for this service.

  1. Download-in-three-minutes Service

This service is tailored for those who wish to do everything on their own. It includes only the downloaded forms for an uncontested divorce. It includes all kinds of forms a customer may need and 12-hours a day support (both phone and email). If the customer needs specific children-related documents, they are also provided at no extra fee. The service is carried out in 3 minutes and comes with a guide on filling out the forms and examples of prepared papers so that the customer can see how it looks in the end. Forms can be also sent to the customer by post for no additional cost.

What does it cost?

The company discloses the prices of its services on their website: £37 for Download-in-three-minutes Service, £67 for Personalised Service and £167 for Personal Plus Service. The first two services come with discounts on the Clean Break deal (worth £99) and Lifetime Will (worth £10).


The company provides a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer used either the Download-in-three-minutes Service or Personalised Service and found another company that provides the same service for less money within 30 days of placing an order at quickie-divorce.com; reviews of the company’s history did not find any examples of when such refunds were issued.

Quickie-Divorce testimonials

Testimonials on the company’s website say the customers were satisfied with the services they bought and personal approach that they got. The clients also said they would recommend the service to others since they received what they paid for:

There are a lot of Quickie Divorce online reviews on trustpilot.com. The company even provided a link on its website. Reviews on TrustPilot are 76% excellent. Still, there are testimonials from those who did not like the service. They say they were not given a refund as promised although they contacted the company only 2 days after receiving the service and they were charged some extra fees:


Quickie Divorce is a company from the United Kingdom that provides services aimed at helping customers get divorced. The website says that thousands of people were served since 2000. However, there are a few issues in the way the company does business that need attention and improvement:

  1. High price –The most popular service of the company costs £167, which is not affordable for everyone; moreover, the company provides empty forms to fill out for £37 while it’s possible to get them from the court or online for free.
  2. Money-back guarantee – The most popular service does not include this feature, which does not make the company look reliable; also, there are reviews that say the company does not follow this guarantee.
  3. Overall customer satisfaction – It can be seen from the reviews from dissatisfied clients that the company did not put much effort into meeting their needs and wishes.