TexasOnlineDivorce Review










  • Accurate forms
  • Easy to use


  • High price
  • No clear pricelist
  • No online customer support

How does it work?

The service is designed for those who are initiating the process of uncontested divorce in Texas and wish to file the documents on their own. The customer should be at least 18 years old to be able to use the service. To use the services of Texasonlinedivorce, potential customers have to do the following:

  1. Check whether they qualify for online divorce in Texas (there is a specific tool that the website offers)
  2. Complete the questionnaire (forms are filled out on the basis of the customer’s answers, so it’s necessary to answer all the questions)
  3. Receive the PDF-formatted papers ready for filing (they can be accessed after signing into to the personal account at texasonlinedivorce.com).

The answering party is not required to participate in the process; however, the initiating party should agree on the details of the information provided in the interview before they confirm its completion. Changes can be made multiple times before the customer submits the final version to the service. Also, the customer does not need to answer all the questions at once; they may go back to answering in their personal account. Once logged in, they are taken to the point where they left off.

If the customer wishes to use this service together with their partner, sharing access to their personal account is allowed. When the documents are received, both parties should sign them before they submit them to the court.

You can reach customer care agents by calling 877-282-0944. Also, clients can address their fee-related questions by calling 877-410-5595 (press 1 for support).

What do they offer?

The texasonlinedivorce.com website provides the services of preparing divorce documents online. Documents are intended for uncontested divorce only and are suitable for those who have children, too. If the couple cannot agree on certain issues, the company proposes using a mediator’s services first and then returning to the website to complete the interview.

The website guarantees that:

  1. It prepares all divorce forms required by the state of Texas
  2. They provide correct instructions for filing in Texas
  3. Clients can make revisions as long as their account is active (an extra fee is charged if the changes need to be made after the final version of the interview was submitted to the service).

Www.texasonlinedivorce.com does not provide legal assistance; however, every question in the interview is followed by an explanation or respective link to the Texas laws on divorce. Also, customers have access to certified lawyers from Texas through their account, but the lawyer is not employed by the company. Therefore, if a customer decides to use this service, they will need to pay a separate fee for it.

What does it cost?

The website states that their service fee is $277; however, the cost of revisions and monthly usage prices are not disclosed.

According to the terms of use, the company allows customers to use accounts for 30 days after making the initial payment, and after that, automatic charges for a subscription may be applied.


The company guarantees a full refund if the local Texas court does not accept the papers completed by the service. If there are any disputes that cannot be resolved through customer support, they may be brought to arbitration. If the customer’s income is under $75,000, Texasonlinedivorce will pay for the procedure.

TexasOnlineDivorce testimonials

The texasdivorceonline.com reviews on their website are positive. Customers are satisfied with the price, friendly staff and the fact that their papers were prepared quickly and were accepted by their courts.


The website is designed for the preparation of divorce papers online. There is also the possibility to have access to a lawyer through one’s personal account; however, there is no way to evaluate how effective these lawyers are. Also, the feature of editing answers to the interview is convenient for customers who do not have free time to answer them all at once. But there are some issues that need improvement:

  1. There is no clear list of the services and prices on the website. It is unclear whether the children-related documents cost extra or not; the fee for revision of papers is not stated clearly as well. The amount of money to be paid for monthly access to the personal account is also unclear.
  2. There is no free trial period for the subscription. Only “Best price $277” is stated on the top of the page, therefore, it’s unclear why a customer should use this service. Also, there are no discounts or special promotions.
  3. The price itself is a drawback. Since the basic service the company provides is not unique nowadays, the price is too high and needs a review.
  4. Texasdivorceonline reviews on the website consist of only positive testimonials. Meanwhile, there are no reviews on other reliable sites like trustpilot.com. Due to this, the service does not look reliable.
  5. There is no online customer support window for customers to ask questions before or during registration.