TheDivorceCenter Review










  • Better Business Bureau member
  • Assistance by phone or in person


  • No guarantees
  • Very expensive
  • Absence of legal advice

How does it work?

Thedivorcecenter helps customers in obtaining uncontested divorce through providing documents for filing.

They have been doing business for about 35 years and served more than 200,000 customers within the US. Their focus is New York State and New Jersey. The company offices can also be found in these states. What is unique about this company is that it not only provides the service through the Internet, but also offline. The company’s offices can be easily visited by potential customers if they wish to do so. Employees speak English and Spanish.

Customers are welcome to contact the company by calling:

1-800-414-0333 (New York) or

1-800-762-3111 (New Jersey).

Office hours for Thedivorcecenter are mostly Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.

To get the divorce forms completed by the company, a customer should either:

  1. Come to the office in New York or New Jersey, provide the necessary information and pay for the service. When the papers are ready, the customer can pick them up.
  2. Order ‘Divorce by Mail’ service (you will also need to visit com, complete a short questionnaire and then wait for a callback).

The answering party does not need to take part in the document preparation process with the service, nor do they need to sign the papers.

Customers can provide any information that was agreed upon with their spouse, including issues regarding children, property and debts. Also, any specific information regarding divorce in New Jersey and New York State can be found on the related pages of the website. There is a blog on the website dedicated to the divorce process to equip customers with more information.

Please note that customers can use the service if they are able to define location of the answering party to serve them with the papers. If there is no way to locate the other party, there is a different way to inform them about the start of the procedure, which is described in the FAQ section of the website.

What do they offer? offers divorce paper preparation for those who wish to file in New York or New Jersey. The papers they provide are for uncontested divorce only. The company also prepares documents that are required by the court when dealing with children and property matters.

The company offers:

  1. Preparation of all necessary documents to file for uncontested dissolution of marriage
  2. Quick assistance by phone or in person
  3. No need for the other spouse’s signature and no hidden attorney’s charges.

What does it cost?

The complete package for uncontested divorce costs $399 if ordered in the office. In case children or property division is involved, the price increases up to $499. If a person orders ‘Divorce by Mail’, the cost is the same, but a $199 deposit should be made in advance. This price is deducted from the total price of the service. The service does not include filing fees that apply to the particular court.


The company says its work is guaranteed since it has been a Better Business Bureau member for the last 30 years.

TheDivorceCenter testimonials

There are no reviews on the company’s website. It also seems that there are some technical problems with the website:

However, customer reviews can be found on other websites. Users on say they had a pleasure ordering the service and the staff was professional and caring. They noted the quick speed of getting a divorce due to how the company works and were satisfied with the staff’s understanding of their specific situations.

However, customer reviews on the company’s Facebook page are both positive and negative.

Users of do not recommend using this service due to the high price and absence of legal advice. One customer wrote that he had issues with his wife and the following are the answers he received:


Thedivorcecenter is a company with a long history. What makes the company different is that it has numerous offices in New Jersey and New York State, meaning that every customer can verify that the company is real and can work with the staff face-to-face. There are a few positive reviews for the company but there are also some cons that make company look unreliable.

The following are a few things that should be addressed if the company wants to achieve better results in doing business:

  1. The Testimonials page of the website should be edited. Currently, no thedivorcenter reviews can be seen on the website; therefore, potential customers may not trust the company.
  2. The blog has not been updated for more than a year. This fact shows that the company does not care much about demonstrating its expertise to future clients.
  3. Create a “Terms of Use” section on the website. It is currently absent and it can make a potential customer mistrust the service, too. There is only the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the website pages stating the company ensures safety of personal data. However, the mechanism of data protection is also unclear.
  4. Create a Guarantees section on the website since the mechanism of quality guarantee is now unclear. Also, there is no money back guarantee provided by the company, or it’s not stated on the website properly.
  5. Prices should be reviewed. The services that the company provides are not unique nowadays but the price is very high for an average individual. Customers can get only divorce papers for at least $399 with no legal advice, which is clearly too expensive.
  6. No online customer support is offered to customers who are not able to come to the company’s premises, only phone numbers are given. Since Thedivorcecenter provides no clearly-stated guarantees, there is no guarantee that customers will be able to solve their issues or express dissatisfaction.