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  • Testimonials
  • Assists with many legal problems
  • Easy to use


  • High price
  • Extra fee

This platform offers a wide variety of different papers and legal resources that may come in handy if you’re getting divorced or going through other formal proceedings. The website is not difficult to navigate and users can search for the necessary forms and services whenever they need them.

On the whole, this company offers many useful solutions and gives access to numerous legal forms that are designed to save customers time and financial resources.

This uslegalforms review will evaluate how helpful this company can be for its users and what kinds of services it provides to their clients.

How does it work?

This website is based on a simple system. Customers who buy a subscription on the site can gain access to a broad choice of forms and documents that they need for marriage dissolution or other legal procedures. If it’s a divorce, the company provides its clients with not just the documentation but also a few comprehensive guidelines that are designed to walk you through the process from beginning to the end.

As stated by the website itself, what makes it different from other similar companies is that it offers only up-to-date materials and also guarantees that all forms are regularly updated to suit the recent changes in the laws of each state.

Overall, is an easy-to-navigate website that requires you to go through several steps before you move on to filing the papers with the court. The steps include:

  • Selecting the state where you reside
  • Providing information concerning your situation to the company’s experts
  • Getting access to the free preview of your documents
  • Downloading the prepared documentation or receiving copies of the required papers by mail (this comes with an extra fee).

This platform also allows clients to make changes to the documents and edit them for free for the period of the subscription.

If you need help or have any questions, you may contact their support team that is available on business days from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM central time. The company also offers a call-back request option, as well as a toll-free phone number and a live-chat for everyone who has any questions about their services.

What’s more, users can also find the FAQ and Help section on the site. It’s also possible to contact the company by email.

What do they offer? is a US-based provider of papers for legal processes. Its clientele consists of those who need assistance with the paperwork required for divorce and some other formal procedures. The company offers the following range of services:

  • Completion of no-fault breakup papers and forms for families with and without children.
  • Instructions related to the correct filing of documents with the court.
  • Preparation of various legal papers related to the annulment of a marriage or separation.
  • Assistance with spousal support questions, financial problems or anything related to child maintenance.

The papers provided by the company are state-specific, which means that you can get help with the documents based on the legal requirements of each state.

What does it cost?

This website offers a subscription system where you can get access to different services and thousands of legal papers after you pay the service fee. There are several subscription plans offered by the uslegalforms website. They include:

  • Basic ($199)
  • Deluxe ($244)
  • Complete ($324)

The major difference between all these plans is the ability to access some premium features that are available to more expensive subscription packages. Note that in addition to the above fees, you’ll be required to pay filing charges to the court when you submit the paperwork. What’s more, the actual prices may also vary from one state to another.


The uslegalforms experts promise that with their help, clients can achieve quick results when getting divorced and their paperwork will be done at a fair price. They also guarantee the provision of the widest selection of various legal documents that are not generic but designed according to specific rules of each state.

They also promise that every customer will be satisfied with the outcome of their case. But even if not, they guarantee a money-back guarantee if the court rejects your papers or if you achieve dissatisfactory results during the legal process.

USLegalForms testimonials

Based on what we have found out about the experience of previous customers who used this website, the feedback is mostly positive. The site itself has a few high-rated testimonials from former clients and no complaints about this service have been found on the site itself.

In general, the uslegalforms reviews say that the company is helpful and can assist with many legal problems, including a name change after divorce and other issues. Some users noted that it’s easy to use the website and they are pleased with the accuracy of the paperwork obtained from this company.


On the whole, this platform’s services are useful for those who want to deal with the paperwork for the legal process quickly. The website covers not just online dissolutions of marriage but also other types of legal procedures.

Their pricing policy cannot be called affordable and the costs may get even higher if you intend to use some extra services. If you want to get access to premium features, this will come with an extra fee, so be prepared to pay a higher price for additional privileges when using this service.