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  • Exaggerated Price
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How does it work?

LegalZoom is a branched service that provides all the necessary help for solving legal issues. For example, the platform can help you with the process of forming your business, getting a residential lease, changing your corporate name, getting a work visa, protecting your intellectual property, etc. LegalZoom can also prepare all the required documents for getting a divorce.  The company’s policy is that everyone should be able to get an attorney’s advice and guidance without paying too much. Of course, one legal service that can get very expensive is getting a divorce. LegalZoom believes that filing for an uncontested divorce should be “simple, affordable, and private”. With the help of divorce.legalzoom.com, one of the website’s branches, divorcing couples can get all the required forms as well as help from professional lawyers. The clients can complete their paperwork easily without any hassle and at their convenience.

The process of completing your documents is standard. A client must take three steps in order to achieve this goal: determine whether their case is eligible for using the service, fill out the online divorce questionnaire, and finally, print all the forms for filing with the local court.

First the client should determine his or her eligibility for using the service. It means that both divorcing parties have to be on the same page and want a divorce. After that, the client has to answer some questions at his/her convenience to clarify what forms are required. Voila! The client can get the completed forms right after answering these questions. All the divorce paperwork will be personalized according to the client’s state, the presence/absence of children or assets, the level of income, and some other factors. All the client has to do is print and sign the documents before filing them with the court. If the client requires help, he or she needs to phone 1-888-203-7652 or send an email using the form on the website. The toll-free line is open from 10am – 8pm (Monday to Friday), and emails usually receive a response within 24 hours of sending the request. Furthermore, clients can use the “call me back” option.

What do they offer?

The platform offers an easy and fast process of getting all the paperwork ready for filing. It goes without saying that, according the company’s promise, customers receive only up to date and accurate forms. Otherwise, they can get their money back according to the LegalZoom Satisfaction Guarantee. Moreover, clients can get in contact with attorneys in their state in order to receive legal advice and the service provides help by providing phone and email assistance.

What does it cost?

The price of divorce.legalzoom.com services amounts up to $499.00, which is more expensive than other online divorce platforms. Furthermore, clients should keep in mind that this price does not include the filing fee. This provides you with only the right to access the forms and receiving some help from the customer support department.


As was already mentioned, customers are protected by the LegalZoom Satisfaction Guarantee.  The company is claimed to have been founded by professional attorneys. Therefore, they themselves are striving to be the best in providing legal document services at the highest level.  If clients are not satisfied with the provided service, they can receive either a full refund or a credit for other LegalZoom services. However, the company cannot refund filling fees and taxes. It is also important to note that all refund requests must be made within 60 days after the purchase.

LegalZoom testimonials

It is interesting that you cannot find any divorce service reviews presented on the website. However, on the landing page potential clients can find some quotes taken from press publications.

When looking through Trustpilot.com, you can read a lot of completely opposing LegalZoom reviews, which causes some doubts.  Many reviews state that the company is a scam.

In the LegalZoom review below, you can read that the company could not handle even a mortgage cost statement:

Some other clients mention hidden fees and customer service being impolite:

However, we can also find a lot of positive reviews. In the positive reviews, the clients direct the readers’ attention to the clarity and ease of the process.


Divorce.legalzoom.com is a website that offers assistance for many legal processes, including getting a divorce. The company’s services are quite expensive at $499.00 to use the platform.  This price is higher than the average costs presented on the market. Plus, there might be a lot of hidden fees. In addition, the company has a lot of negative reviews, which means that paying such a high price does not guarantee getting a divorce in the easiest way.