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  • Unsatisfactory service
  • Impossible refunds
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How does it work? provides divorcing spouses with prepared divorce forms that are one hundred percent accepted in the client’s state. The platform guarantees that all the provided forms are legal, up-to-date, and will not cause any problems during the filing process. The entire process of getting divorce papers at can be divided into three steps. The first is to sign up and choose the state where you reside (the state of your spouse’s residence is also suitable). It goes without saying that every state has its own rules and requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare documents according to the requirements of your state. Second, you will need to answer some questions related to your case in the form of a questionnaire. The questions contain some easy explanations and instructions from experts.

GetDivorcePapers clients do not have to complete the whole questionnaire at once; they can do it at their own pace when it is convenient since they can access their account at any time. According to the website’s policies, customers’ accounts remain active for as long as they need them. Finally, all that remains is to print the forms and file them.  When the client completes this process, he or she will receive documents that are ready to be downloaded, and they just need to print and sign these forms. The printed and signed documents must be filed at the local court. It is also possible to send these documents by mail or fax. Therefore, it is not necessary to physically appear in the court. It should be mentioned that it is possible to make changes and reprint your forms if necessary. In fact, clients can do this as many times as they want at no additional cost.

Customer support is available by phone (1-855-865-1218), sending an e-mail ( or completing the contact form. The customer support department helps GetDivorcePapers clients during regular working hours Monday to Friday (06:00 am – 8:00 pm PST) and Saturday (08:00 am – 05:00 pm PST).

What do they offer?

GetDivorcePapers is designed to help its clients in preparing legally accepted divorce forms. The website’s services include both providing up-to-date divorce forms and filing instructions to make the divorce process much easier. According to the description on the website, the service has a user-friendly interface and offers an easy method to complete your papers. Furthermore, these papers are claimed to be approved by attorneys and can be changed free of charge. All a client needs to do is answer a questionnaire with the most essential questions and complete a short interview. After that, the divorce forms will be sent to the client. also offers a customer support center to help its clients to get through the entire process as smoothly as possible. If they are unable to answer clients’ legal questions, they can connect these clients with their live lawyer service. This service provides you with the assistance of a lawyer in your state.

What does it cost?

The overall cost for using this service is $139.00, which quite fair in comparison with the cost of similar websites. The platform offers some additional services/features that have to be paid for separately. This list includes state changes ($100 USD), separation service changes ($100 USD), platinum services ($299 USD) and some add-on forms.


At, clients can find a long list of all the requirements that they need to meet in order to apply for a refund.  At first, it is necessary to mention that GetDivorcePapers does not provide any refunds for their additional services (state changes, separation service changes, platinum services, or add-on forms). Furthermore, GetDivorcePapers is not entitled to process any refund on accounts that were created more than 15 days ago. In addition, the service might charge a $45 handling fee for processing a refund. In general, it takes up to about fourteen business days to complete the refund.

It should be mentioned that the list of all refund requirements is quite lengthy, and we are only providing a few examples here. A client will get no refund if his/her spouse has filed the documents on their own. A refund will not be processed if the client changes his/her mind about using the service. Furthermore, the client will not get a refund if he or she has not provided a rejection letter (in case of the court’s rejection of the papers). The same goes for a case when the state updates the court forms (in this case the platform can only provide customers with the new forms).  It should be noted that this list is incomplete; the complete list of all requirements can be found at

GetDivorcePapers testimonials

It goes without saying that you will find only positive reviews on their website. These reviews say that the service is fast, easy-to-use, and secure. Few reviews state that some of questions were difficult to answer:

On, we can see that the service received only two stars out of five.  Overall, the service was reviewed by 41 clients. According to the statistics, 61% of clients said that they were unsatisfied with the service.

First, these reviews state that customer service was terrible and unhelpful. Second, some of these clients faced the serious issue of being double charged (or even being charged multiple times).

Another problem faced by some clients is that they could not receive their documents in a timely manner, as illustrated by the following GetDivorcePapers review:


In conclusion, it can be said that GetDivorcePapers has a rather appealing price ($139) and easy three-step process of getting the appropriate divorce forms. However, according to numerous unsatisfied clients and a lot of refund requirements, it seems that it would be almost impossible to receive compensation if something goes wrong. According to testimonials, it also seems that the customer support is neither very polite nor helpful.