ItsOverEasy Review

Prices range

$750 – $1,500








  • Accurate forms
  • Testimonials


  • Very expensive
  • No refund policy

How does it work?

The ItsOverEasy platform is a website designed to provide online divorce help. The platform was founded by Laura Wasser, a family law attorney. She has over twenty years of professional experience and has handled a great number of divorce cases.  In comparison with other divorce websites, has a six-step process. First, a new client must create an account and optionally invite his or her spouse to join. According to the information given on the website, the process is much easier and faster when both parties are willing to work together.  Second, the client provides some basic information that is required to generate the documents. Third, the company can assist the client in serving the other party with all the documents. After that, the client completes financial disclosures and resolves any issues related to child custody, asset division, alimony, etc. The platform gathers all the information and generates the forms. Finally, all that remains is to file the forms with the local court.

If divorcing couples still have some questions regarding the process, they can call (888) 502-2932 or schedule a call. Plus, if clients are struggling with making the decision to divorce, they may subscribe to the company’s newsletter.

What do they offer?

As can be seen, generates precise and accurate forms thanks to its multi-step system. The process includes not only generating the documents but also serving the other party as well as completing financial disclosures and resolving the most important divorce issues.

According to the description on the website, ItsOverEasy is the only existing solution that covers every aspect of the client’s divorce. Of course, the client can manage and change the details of his/her divorce anytime and anyplace. In addition, clients get access to a child and spousal support calculator. This calculator can assist in reaching an agreement based on the provided details regarding each party’s income/expenses. The website can also help with dividing and allocating the spouses’ property. The platform encourages clients to use their interactive guides to identify and organize their assets, debts, securities, and so forth. After that, both parties can see what should be split or shared in order to reach a fair agreement. The platform allows you to easily communicate with your spouse to negotiate in the most effective way.

In addition, the website has a blog with some useful articles and podcasts (“Divorce Sucks”) where coaches and attorneys explain how to make the divorce process less complicated, expensive, and stressful. The blog and podcasts mostly cover such topics as child custody and child support, alimony, managing emotions, military divorce, etc. Furthermore, if you are not aware of legal terms such as “prenuptial” or “stipulation”, you can clarify them in the Glossary section.

What does it cost?

The price of using might vary. On average, it starts from $750 and goes up to $1,500. As can be seen, the cost of using this website is significantly higher than other websites, and is comparable to what you would spend on an attorney’s help.


The website does not mention any guarantees. It is quite possible that it assists clients through the entire process.

ItsOverEasy testimonials

On the ItsOverEasy website, clients can find information stating that the service has been featured or reviewed on such media as CNN, Forbes, New York Times, etc. Furthermore, the website includes some examples of ItsOverEasy reviews taken from These reviews state that the process was really easy and they received papers of the expected quality as well as the desired result.

On, practically all the ItsOverEasy reviews posted there indicate high client satisfaction. According to these reviews, ItsOverEasy’s services are “great” or “excellent”. Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that the number of reviews leaves much to be desired. It seems that not many divorcing couples use this website, and it is quite possible that the high price is the main reason for that.

Below are some of the reviews posted on Trustpilot. For example, the following ItsOverEasy review states that the company “performed as advertised” and the client got divorced easily and quickly.

The following ItsOverEasy reviews state that the company managed to provide all the required assistance to make this difficult process easier.


All in all, seems to provide high-quality services; however, the price is significantly higher than the average price for getting an online divorce (somewhere between $750 and $1,500). Taking into consideration the fact that the average attorney’s fees are about $150 – $350, divorcing couples might consider cheaper options. Nevertheless, the company seems to be trustworthy and supportive despite its prices.