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How does it work? allows divorcing spouses to prepare all the necessary divorce forms, which saves a lot of time in the case of uncontested divorce. The website can also guide its clients to their local courthouse where they can file the completed paperwork.  The service guarantees that clients will be provided with the correct forms no matter the requirements of their state. The website states that getting an uncontested divorce should be quick, cheap, and easy. The site discusses the advantages of an online divorce, including confidentiality and convenience. Furthermore, the platform mentions some disadvantages of going through a traditional divorce process. Of course, the main pitfall of a traditional divorce is the unpredictable cost of the entire process. Sometimes, couples cannot predict how much money they will need to pay for their attorney’s services. In addition, the MyDivorcePapers indicates that they have been the leader in this business for 17 years.

According to MyDivorcePapers, all that clients need to do to file for divorce is to create an account, answer the questions, and file the documents. If there are any problems, clients can always contact customer support by email (

What do they offer?

The service is designed to help divorcing couples prepare forms that are legally accepted by the court. MyDivorcePapers offers all the documents and instructions that are required to finalize the divorce process. The platform can also assist you in solving problems related to child custody, alimony, property division, and even spousal support. In addition to that, guarantees that the provided forms will be accepted by the court. All that is required is for the client to answer a questionnaire and indicate their state.

What does it cost?

The cost of using is $139.00, which is more or less similar with other divorce papers websites and even cheaper than some. The platform also provides some additional services that have to be paid for separately. The client can change his or her state for $40, make separation service changes for $75, and receive some add-on forms.  If needed, the client can order platinum services for the price of $299.


Clients may find a quite long list of the requirements that outlines when a refund cannot be granted. For example, it is impossible to get a refund if the other party has already filed the forms or if the client decided to change his or her plans. The service can provide a refund when the court denies documents because of errors made by In this case, the client has to submit a rejection letter to the service center department. It is also possible to receive a refund if the court denies documents because of inaccurate data provided during the online interview. It should be mentioned that the platform does not provide refunds for some additional services that the clients can use apart from the generation of marriage dissolution papers.  The list of such services includes the changes of state, separation service changes, platinum services, and add-on forms. The full set of rules regarding the guarantees can be found on the MyDivorcePapers website.

MyDivorcePapers testimonials

On, you can see that only the half of all reviews received the mark “excellent”. Nevertheless, such reviews verify the simplicity of the platform and the fast divorce process.

Some clients also state that they did not receive their divorce papers at all, as illustrated by the MyDivorcePapers review that can be found below. As we can see, the company just held the papers this client paid for:

On the same website, you can find a lot of reviews that indicate that the company is some sort of scam. The customers also indicate that they had to pay some hidden fees. For example, one such client warns about additional forms and the unreachable customer support center.

Of course, the official website provides only positive reviews that glorify the service. The clients here also acknowledge that their divorce process was quite easy and not time-consuming thanks to MyDivorcePapers. The average rating here is “very good”.



First of all, it is important to mention that the service offers an affordable and appealing price at just $139. Second, the positive reviews indicate the simplicity of the website’s three-step process. However, there are a lot of reviews warning about hidden fees or indicating that the company is actually a scam. Furthermore, reviews state that getting a refund is extremely difficult and reaching customer support is nearly impossible. In the case of MyDivorcePapers, the promise of a “100% guarantee” seems to only be a marketing strategy.